Keanu Ienco Releases Heartfelt Instrumental “Playful Love”

Keanu Ienco, a Canadian artist from Nanaimo, has released his latest instrumental guitar composition, "Playful Love." Following his critically praised 2022 debut album, Celestial Desires, this new track is a heartfelt tribute to the family he has lost in recent years.

"The title refers to the platonic love one feels with family or friends,"
Keanu says. "The song is about how it feels when that love is gone. While the melody and mood of the song are initially somber and sorrowful, the composition culminates with loud and hopeful noises to remind the audience that those we love are never completely gone. I recently had to say goodbye to my grandmother, brother, and dog, so 'Playful Love' is dedicated to them."

Keanu's exceptional ability to transfer stories and Native American culture into powerful guitar-driven soundscapes distinguishes him in the prog rock, jazz, and melodic metal genres. Keanu, an Indigenous jazz/rock artist, discovered his interest in music at the age of eight when his mother gave him his first guitar. He began playing professionally at the age of thirteen, and by sixteen, he had already performed live with many groups and got radio attention for his original songs.

Keanu has a Bachelor's degree in Jazz Studies from Vancouver Island University and has performed alongside industry icons including Steve Vai, Delfeayo Marsalis, and Rufus Reid. In 2020, he released his first instrumental project under his name. Keanu's music takes listeners on an emotional journey that honors his roots while also drawing inspiration from his instrumental heroes, like Steve Vai, Pat Metheny, and Plini.

"Playful Love" is an emotional rollercoaster that starts with somber and gloomy tones and progresses to loud and cheerful sounds. It is a painful reminder that our love for our departed loved ones lives on. Keanu Ienco's ability to incorporate deep emotions into his music makes "Playful Love" a must-listen for fans of instrumental prog rock, jazz, and melodic metal.

With "Playful Love," Keanu Ienco solidifies his position as a distinct and passionate voice in the music industry. Stream "Playful Love" today and allow Keanu's mesmerizing guitar technique to transport you on a deep emotional trip.

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