Jay Sanford:'s "Extinguished Dreams" brings a bold blend of influences to alternative rock.

Jay Sanford: the creative power behind Sanford is releasing his new album "Extinguished Dreams," which will solidify his unique voice in the alt-rock genre. Sanford:'s album defies easy categorization, drawing from genres such as alt-rock pop, garage rock, indie rock, and classic rock, to provide listeners with a complex and emotionally engaging musical experience.

Sanford:, who is originally from South Carolina, is responsible for all aspects of his music, from writing and arranging to performing and producing, except for the horns. His prior songs, "Figured I'd Ask Anyway" and "Anymore" from his debut album "The View Changes," have received substantial recognition, including on Spotify playlists such as "Gems on VHS" and "This Week in Americana."

The highlight track "Wait and See" exemplifies Sanford:'s ability to combine computer-programmed drums with heavy electric bass to create a powerful foundation. The song tells the moving story of an addict and unrequited love, with the protagonist warning a possible lover with the lyric, "You'll break your own heart if you fall for me," which is derived from a Hank Williams song. The track's unnerving guitar lines, which pay homage to King Crimson, and a big bass solo demonstrate Sanford:'s dedication to musical creativity.

"Extinguished Dreams" expands on Sanford:'s prior interests in Americana, soul, and rock, delving further into his many musical inspirations. The album covers topics of dreams and reality while elegantly moving between styles. The complex finale, "Resonance Cascade," and its reprise bring the suite full circle, demonstrating Sanford:'s storytelling abilities and musical diversity.

Sanford:'s "Extinguished Dreams" promises to fascinate listeners with its rich tale and varied musical environments. Make sure to listen to the album on all major streaming platforms and accompany Sanford: on a journey through the dreams and reality that define our existence.

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