Overtrust Unleashes Brutal New Album “Infected By Myth”

Overtrust's latest album, "Infected By Myth," is presented by Indian River Music Company with pride. This album is a manifesto of violence, having been recorded and mixed in September 2023 at Milestone Studios in Cape Town, South Africa, and November 2023 at Farmadelica Sound in Pine Island, Florida.

Overtrust, originally from Ghanzi, Botswana, is a significant force in the black metal, death metal, and heavy metal genres. "Infected By Myth" demonstrates the band's ability to combine the raw sounds of death metal's magnificent past with a current edge, resulting in savage metal hymns that will have listeners headbanging from beginning to end.

The album's production reflects the raw intensity and ferocity that aficionados of the genre seek. Each track on "Infected By Myth" demonstrates Overtrust's mastery of their craft, with face-melting guitars and relentless rhythms that push the limits of metalcore and heavy metal.

"Infected By Myth" is more than simply an album; it's a constant barrage of thunderous riffs and guttural vocals that speak to the deepest depths of the human psyche. Overtrust's commitment to their old-school death metal roots is clear, but they also manage to infuse each track with a modern perspective, keeping the music new and relevant.

With a strong roster of tunes, "Infected By Myth" is a shining example of the genre's continuing impact. Overtrust's music is a violent, uncompromising force that demands attention and respect. The album's violent music and lyrical themes delve into the myths and stories that have infiltrated the human mind, providing a visceral experience with long-lasting influence.

Fans of black metal, death metal, and heavy metal should listen to "Infected By Myth". Overtrust's latest album reinforces their position as one of Botswana's most engaging metal bands. Dive into the relentless cruelty of "Infected By Myth" and be engulfed by its ferocious intensity.

Stream "Infected By Myth" today to join Overtrust on a voyage through metal's darkest realms. The album demonstrates the band's unwavering spirit and devotion to keeping the metal flame burning strong.

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