The Static Dive Releases "Cool Hand Bossa - (VIP Room Trip-Hop Mix)".

Bob Smith, a multi-instrumentalist composer and producer known professionally as The Static Dive, has recently released a new remix EP that promises to attract fans of both traditional and current sounds. The "Cool Hand Bossa Remix EP" is inspired by iconic 12-inch singles from the past and provides a new spin on the loungey original "Cool Hand Bossa" from his 2023 Latin-jazz attempt, Bluelight Sessions, Vol. 1.

The EP begins with the "VIP Room Trip-Hop Mix," a groovy, downtempo remix that evokes the mellow 90s trip-hop vibes of artists such as Morcheeba and Thievery Corporation. Smith's remix seamlessly combines electronic and jazz sounds, resulting in a peaceful yet engaging mood that is both nostalgic and innovative.

Following the trip-hop mix comes "Cool Hand Badass," a phonk/hyperpop freakout from gaming music extraordinaire SxR LÜCÏFËR. This track takes the original to a whole new level, introducing lively and playful elements that will appeal to fans of modern electronic music.

The EP also features the Bluelight EP mix before concluding with the original two-guitar one-take demo, most of which has been reused in subsequent versions of the song. This demo highlights Smith's outstanding talent as a multi-instrumentalist since he plays every instrument.

The Static Dive's ability to blend classical, instrumental, electronic, and jazz genres is on full display in this EP. With each track presenting a new take on the original "Cool Hand Bossa," this release demonstrates Smith's versatility and ingenuity as an artist.

Listeners can now stream the "Cool Hand Bossa Remix EP" on all major digital music platforms. Whether you enjoy vintage jazz, downtempo electronica, or cutting-edge hyperpop, this EP has something for you. Dive into The Static Dive's aural universe today and listen to the unique and captivating sounds of "Cool Hand Bossa - (VIP Room Trip-Hop Mix)".

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