Koceila Chougar Releases New Afro-House Anthem "Hobelah"

Promising DJ-producer Koceila Chougar, in cooperation with M4RIN, has recently released their latest single, "Hobelah," a captivating blend of electronic, Afro House, and Amapiano genres. This single aims to transport listeners on an intriguing musical trip, seamlessly blending deep dance beats with lively Afrobeat rhythms.

"Hobelah" features the fascinating voice of Lin Njoroge, a gifted singer and lyricist from Kenya's lively music scene, and is written in Njoroge's native Swahili. The song eloquently depicts Nairobi's pride and festive energy, while also conveying a powerful and inspiring message that resonates well with its listeners.

Koceila Chougar and M4RIN have skillfully created a track that stands out for its soaring electronic melodies and Njoroge's captivating voice. This combination produced a summer hit that will undoubtedly dominate the Afro House scene, reflecting the genre's essence of joy and celebration.

"Hobelah" is more than a song; it's an experience. Its catchy sounds and heartfelt lyrics make it an important part of any summer soundtrack. As the Afro House genre evolves, Koceila Chougar and M4RIN are unquestionably musicians to watch. This CD demonstrates their ability to merge genres and create a distinct sound, which is an important milestone in their musical careers.

Listeners can now stream "Hobelah" on all major digital music services. Make sure to add this exciting music to your summer playlist and celebrate Nairobi's diverse culture with the enticing sounds of Koceila Chougar, M4RIN, and Lin Njoroge.

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