SIR-VERE Drops Dynamic Remix Album "Orbital Rocktronics Part 1" with Rory Hoy

SIR-VERE's latest release, "Orbital Rocktronics Part 1," is a remix album infused with post-punk, synth indie rock, punk, electro, electronic, breakbeat, EDM, and dance vibes. This album is a collaborative effort with multi-award-winning producer and DJ Rory Hoy, who is recognized for his inventive remixes and addictive tunes.

"Orbital Rocktronics Part 1" features tunes from SIR-VERE's critically praised "Lovescope" album on Worldsound/Virgin Music, as well as songs from their lengthy catalog. The album has a smooth combination of rock and dance, resulting in a unique and energetic sound that SIR-VERE thrives on. This remix package explores indie alternative culture with massive beats, excellent breakbeats, and leftfield house music with nasty funk workouts.

The main track, "Extra Beat in My Heart," is backed with a unique promotional film created by Rory Hoy. This track pays homage to the late '90s and early '00s Big Beat movement while adding a contemporary twist. Other standout remixes include "I'm on Fire" and "Night Time," both from Hoy's "Psycho Ballistic Funk" album, which showcases his remixing prowess.

Other outstanding remixes include "I'm on Fire" and "Night Time," both from the "Psycho Ballistic Funk" album, which demonstrates Hoy's remixing abilities.

"Orbital Rocktronics Part 1" exemplifies the creative collaboration of SIR-VERE and Rory Hoy. This collaborative effort provides a new viewpoint on SIR-VERE's music, making it a must-listen for aficionados of post-punk and electronic music. The record promises to be a dancefloor hit, and it's only the beginning, with Part 2 set to be released later this year.

"Orbital Rocktronics Part 1" was produced by Gary Morland, with additional production by Rory Hoy, and recorded at Bongo Tronic HQ. Craig White performs vocals and noise on the album, Gary Morland plays guitars, keyboards, programming, drums, and bass, Steve Craighead plays keyboards, Ian McEwan sings, and Rory Hoy plays keyboards, programming, and bass.

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