Raie Unveils New Album "Red Brick Angel" Following Intense Recording Session in Belgium.

Raie, a renowned alt-country and rock performer from London, has just released her highly awaited album, "Red Brick Angel." The 12-track album was created in just six days at the breathtaking Galaxy Studios in the Belgian countryside. Surrounded by nature's tranquility, Raie and her eight-piece band, along with engineer and producer Wes Maebe, created their vision in an intense yet magnificent recording session.

"Recording 'Red Brick Angel' was a life-affirming experience," Raie said. "We were well-prepared, having spent two intense rehearsal days back in London, which allowed us to dive deep into the recording process with confidence and enthusiasm."

Galaxy Studios is recognized for having the world's quietest room, providing an ideal setting for the recording. The band recorded drums, bass, piano, keys, and strings in the large, silent area, while guitar parts and guiding vocals were set down in the control booth. "I played my best bass ever in those six days!" said bassist Christiano.

Despite the long hours and great pressure, the team remained cheerful and creative throughout the session. The artists and Wes Maebe's partner, Debbie, took turns cooking, creating a communal and supportive environment that encouraged their creativity. "Every night was filled with great late-night chats, and we just knew we were in the middle of something special," Raie recalled.

The album, which includes 10 of its 12 tracks recorded on the final day alone, demonstrates the band's dedication and the wonderful chemistry they developed with Wes Maebe. "I think we were pretty close to heaven!" Raie added.

Following the recording, the band members dispersed around the world, each returning home with a sense of accomplishment and a common high from the event. Some, like Chris and his nephew Louis, stayed to drink more Belgian beers with Wes, while others, such as Maria, the violinist, flew back to Vienna.

Raie's third album, "Red Brick Angel," demonstrates her artistic progression. Raie has created an album that combines alt-country, classic rock, and soft rock with poignant lyrics and powerful melodies, thanks to her band's support and passion, as well as Wes Maebe's great producing skills.

Raie went on a brief tour around London to commemorate the release, performing at a variety of locations including ArtFix in Greenwich and The Purcell Room on the Southbank. The tour ended with a three-set night at Bromley Little Theatre, leaving fans wanting more.

"Red Brick Angel" is now accessible on all major streaming services, giving Raie's distinct sound to fans worldwide. The album displays not just Raie's musical abilities, but also the wonderful journey and partnership that led to its creation.

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