Rye Catchers release nostalgic single "History (Nikki Simmons Reprise)" from their new album "Mixed Messages"

Rye Catchers, a Wisconsin-based alt-rock pop band, is making waves with their current single, "History (Nikki Simmons Reprise)," taken from their second studio album, "Mixed Messages." This single, packed with '80s vibes, exhibits the band's trademark blend of alt-rock, indie melodic pop rock, and rock pop, delivering a nostalgic but current sound.

Rye Catchers, led by songwriter and producer David McClintick Roberts, opens "Mixed Messages" with the original "History," a power pop track with sweeping male and female vocals. The album's introduction captures listeners with an expansive melody reminiscent of Top 40 classics from the 1980s. "History (Nikki Simmons Reprise)" revisits this excellent classic, highlighting Nikki Simmons' powerful vocals in a remix that combines retro stylings with modern sound.

The album continues its optimistic voyage with "Anything," a song overflowing with toe-tapping excitement and a boppy bassline. "Incandescent" follows, reflecting the popular Big '80s feel with nostalgic themes and songs. The transition to a current electropop sound begins with "Ordinary," a sensuous, acoustically smokey composition notable for its sensual atmosphere.

The journey through "Mixed Messages" includes the poppy, rock-edged "Sometimes," and the iconic power pop sound of "Never Look Down," before returning to the reprise of "History." This closing tune, which features only Simmons' vocals, is a fresh, modern take on the album's opening song.

Rye Catchers' excellent list of guest musicians contributes to the album's varied soundscapes. Notable contributors include legendary bassist Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie, KNOWER, The Black Crowes, Sting), session singer and voice actor Nikki Simmons, Milwaukee guitarist Sean Williamson, multi-instrumentalist and singer Ryan Whyte Maloney, Spanish session vocalist Nekane, Nigerian EDM remixers/DJs Maze x Mxtreme, and Canadian pianist/composer Ricardo Giarratana.

"Mixed Messages" was released by Valiant Horizon, a U.S.-based label and production unit with a global mission, to probe and champion the dynamic music landscape. Valiant Horizon, known for producing high-quality albums in the electronica, pop, and rock genres, ensures that Rye Catchers' latest album stands out in the modern music world.

"History (Nikki Simmons Reprise)" demonstrates Rye Catchers' ability to merge nostalgic themes with contemporary sounds, resulting in music that appeals to both old and new audiences. This song, like the entire "Mixed Messages" album, promises to be an exhilarating voyage through a range of pop, rock, and electronic genres, solidifying Rye Catchers' place in today's music industry.

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