POST DEATH SOUNDTRACK Releases "Veil Lifter" - A Crushing New Album

POST DEATH SOUNDTRACK, a Canadian band, returns with their fourth full-length album, "Veil Lifter," a stormy 11-track that combines doom, grunge, hardcore, and thrash into a gripping and punishing soundscape. This record significantly contrasts the orchestrated industrial soundscapes of their previous album, "It Will Come Out of Nowhere," and embraces a raw, organic live sound.

"Veil Lifter" draws inspiration from Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, and The Stooges, as well as contemporary heavyweights like Russian Circles, Windhand, and YOB. It features sludgy guitars, hardcore fury, and hypnotic grooves. The end product is a unified yet chaotic record representing the unwelcome outsider attitude, conveying a sense of relentless energy and primitive intensity.

"Veil Lifter" is conceptually challenging and unrestrained, delving into mental illness, spiritual warfare, and the collective psyche's inherent darkness. The title, derived from Eastern philosophy, represents eradicating ignorance and a path towards higher awareness. The album's narrative weaves together shamanic visions, gloomy dreamscapes, and an unwavering desire for solace, resulting in a cathartic and liberating experience.

Steve Moore described "Veil Lifter" as the record he has always desired to create, written from a place of deep shadow and inner strife. "It's an invocation of protection and spiritual weaponry at a time when it was greatly needed," according to him. The album's raw emotionality and weighty metaphors draw inspiration from Advaita, the Gita, Zen, and philosophers such as Krishnamurti, to evoke intensely intimate emotions.

Jon Ireson emphasizes the collaborative approach behind the record, mentioning how Steve's daily guitar parts influenced the new direction. The album's bones came together quickly, thanks to Steve's vocal layering, melodic bass lines, and the ferocity of drummer Casey Lewis, who brought the music to life.

Tracks like "Lowdown Animal" exemplify the band's outsider mindset, with Moore comparing the band to hyenas: outsiders who take down the powerful while laughing. This powerful symbol captures the band's unwavering and revolutionary spirit.

This record is dedicated to the memories of Steve Moore's father, Ted George Moore, a hero whose influence and pride can be heard throughout. "Veil Lifter" is currently available across all major streaming platforms. 

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