Mark Howard's "The Light Behind Us" is set to light up the indie rock scene.

From the windswept shores of Phillip Island, Australian indie rock troubadour Mark Howard has the potential to shake up the music world with his next single, "The Light Behind Us," This track is a powerful rallying cry for individuals who want to escape life's tangled web and live a simpler, more carefree life.

Mark Howard's characteristic indie rock sound is on full show in "The Light Behind Us," a track off his next album, 'Deep Dark Blue'. Dave Prideaux brilliantly mixed the music, while Andy Stewart mastered it at The Mill. Howard's sound on this single is evocative of The Cure and PJ Harvey, while the chorus rivals The Killers' anthemic drive.

The production of "The Light Behind Us" is as engaging as the song itself. Mark recalls, "I sat down with my guitar when a bird came knocking on my window. I jotted down the first lyric and began to work. Once I got the blueprint, I went to the studio and experimented with different keys and tempos until the song came to life."

Mark Howard's music is often described as "Coastal Rock kissed by the sun with the promise of a storm." He has performed in 45 countries and shared his musical stories all around the world. His extremely personal experiences with pain, suffering, and pure delight are weaved into his songs, which have earned him accolades at the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe festivals. His last single, "Scarlette," peaked at number eight on the AMRAP charts.

Fans of Mark Howard should expect another highly moving experience with "The Light Behind Us." His ability to communicate via music, pulling inspiration from the ocean, the great outdoors, and the human experience, has captivated audiences all over the world. Mark Howard's current hit is poised to become a distinctive anthem in the indie rock genre.

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