Nissu's "Connection" brings listeners together with a powerful message of solidarity.

Nissu, an emerging pop singer, expresses the idea of unity and endurance in his latest hit, "Connection." This commercial pop track, packed with lively dance sounds, emphasizes the power of shared experiences during difficult times.

Inspired by the pandemic's limits, which made walks inside a 5km radius the sole permissible outside activity, Nissu noticed a rise in the usage of social media to communicate these modest, but memorable experiences. "Connection" captures this sense of unity in its concept and accompanying film. In the video, Nissu goes on a walk in the park and takes a picture before miraculously transforming into another person who is also out walking. 

This transition continues with nine cameos, which represent the unseen relationships and solidarity among people throughout those lonely times. "The idea was to convey the connection between all the selfies we were posting," Nissu tells me. "Each transformation symbolizes the unseen bond and solidarity among us during those challenging times."

Nissu is a singer/songwriter originally from Brazil who has been based in Dublin for the past nine years. He utilizes his music to convey deep feelings and life perspectives. His debut single, "Forever Mine," addressed the power of love in the face of societal judgments, while his second release, "U," emphasized the significance of real friendship, featuring Harry Potter actress and influencer Afshan Azad. Both tunes are from his debut EP, "Memories," which is slated to be released later this year.

Creating "Connection" was a therapeutic procedure for Nissu, allowing him to manage the pandemic's obstacles as well as personal challenges. Through his music, he hopes to convey a message of love, compassion, and hope, reminding listeners that connection is possible even in the darkest moments.

"My music is a way of understanding the world around me and expressing myself artistically," Nissu adds. "I hope people can connect with the messages I try to convey." "Connection" is currently available across all major streaming platforms.

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