Regina!d Takes Flight with New Single "Butterflies"

Regina!d, an emerging artist from Hogansville, Georgia, has always been passionate about music and storytelling. Regina!d began with poetry and learned the art of conveying deep emotions and stories in a few lines. This unusual talent paved the way for his future in music.

Regina!d, inspired by his brother Jaxon Gállery (previously known as Bryan J), began his musical career a little over a month ago. After hearing a few beats from Jaxon and being invited to respond to them, Regina!d found a new outlet for his narrative. In April 2024, he agreed to a daring challenge: record one song per day for 30 days. Each day, he chose rhythms from diverse genres, pushing himself to experiment with different melodic structures and song creation.

Central to Regina!d’s music is the theme of love. Regardless of genre or tempo, he weaves stories about love into every note and lyric. His dedication and hard work culminated in his debut EP, "I’m a Maverick," a title that honors his son, Maverick, and represents his refusal to be confined by musical boundaries. Each track on the EP spans multiple genres yet remains authentically his.

Regina!d's latest single, "Butterflies," exemplifies the artist's dedication to love and sincerity. The song conveys the fluttery, thrilling experience of falling in love by combining hip-hop, pop, and R&B/soul elements. Regina!d's silky vocals and compassionate lyrics make "Butterflies" a remarkable single that speaks to listeners.

"I'm a Maverick" showcases Regina!d's artistic individuality and distinct approach to music. His songs mirror his inner world, encouraging listeners to accompany him on a voyage of love and self-expression. Regina!d's music appeals to those who value authenticity and variety in sound. He continues to explore, create, and share his thoughts and tales with the world through his work.

With "Butterflies," Regina!d demonstrates that he is a musical maverick, eager to captivate audiences with his emotional tale and genre-defying sound. Keep an eye on this rising artist as he continues to make an impact in the music industry.

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