DJ Remo releases the energetic anthem "Rules" featuring Ada.

DJ Remo, a veteran of the electronic music field, has collaborated with the outstanding vocalist Ada to create their latest hit, "Rules." This track isn't your usual EDM/Pop song; it demonstrates DJ Remo's extensive knowledge of electronic music history. "Rules" captivates listeners from the first beat with its fun combination of disco, house, and tech influences.

"Rules" is a high-energy electronic tune that will quickly become a dance floor standard. The song is a rebellious anthem to going your way in the world and refusing to play by anybody else's rules. This message is strongly delivered by Ada's captivating voice, which is boosted to new heights by DJ Remo's constantly upbeat production.

Ada, who rose to national prominence as a Hotel Paradise finalist, has quickly established herself as one of Poland's most popular vocalists. Her collaboration with DJ Remo is proving to be a match made in musical paradise. With her recognizable hooks and attractive voice, Ada effortlessly dominates the track, delivering her lines with the confidence of a seasoned veteran.

The track is an excellent introduction to one of the most exciting collaborations in the music industry today. DJ Remo's production skills, paired with Ada's vocal prowess, make "Rules" a distinctive track that will appeal to a wide range of audiences. This cooperation not only displays their talents but also demonstrates their future as a dominant partnership in the electronic music industry.

"Rules" is available across all major streaming platforms. Whether you're a lifelong fan of electronic music or new to the genre, this track is a must-listen. DJ Remo and Ada have created a tune that is both enjoyable to listen to and reflects their united artistic sense.

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