Mad Painter Releases Transforming New Single "Empty Bottles"

Mad Painter has released their latest single, "Empty Bottles," along with an accompanying video, paving the way for their impending third album. The band, noted for its eclectic combination of blues, classic rock, garage rock, glam rock, rhythm and blues, and retro guitar rock pop, maintains a nostalgic yet contemporary feel.

"Empty Bottles," written in early 2022, exemplifies the band's characteristic approach, with scathing lyrics and theatrical overtones. The song, which debuted live at the Winter Tanglefest, recalls the party scene of the early 1970s, influenced by bands such as Sweet, Slade, Mud, and Mott the Hoople. However, it also goes into the solitude felt during the 2020 lockdowns, providing a melancholy story that will appeal to those who have endured similar struggles.

Alex Gitlin plays keyboards and vocals on the track, while Al Nahabedian plays guitar, Kenne Highland plays bass, Al Hendry plays drums, and Julie Gee and Sharon Crumrine provide backing vocals. Thomas Hamilton, who produced their previous album, "Splashed," returns to produce this song.

Mad Painter's live performances have had a considerable impact, including appearances at Winter Tanglefest, Echo Fest, and several Boston locations. Their earlier songs, "Illusion" and "Rock And Roll Samurai," from the album "Splashed," garnered a lot of radio play and excellent feedback.

"Empty Bottles" exemplifies the band's ability to combine humor and serious musical artistry to create a sound that is both engaging and thought-provoking. The song shines as a beacon of hope and resilience, inspiring listeners to overcome adversity.

Mad Painter's latest single demonstrates their musical talent and dedication to resurrecting the old rock spirit with a modern twist. As they continue to fascinate audiences with their dynamic performances and distinct sound, "Empty Bottles" is destined to become another success in their expanding catalog.

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