Child of SP Releases Emotionally Charged Single "Issues"

Lisbon, Portugal – São Paulo's Child of SP has released "Issues," an emotional hip-hop-soul track that explores the cultural rift crucial to his talent. "Issues," which was released earlier this year, is among the best chart-topping songs. The song is driven by Child of SP's sensitive vocals, which create R&B-style harmonies over spaced-out percussion. The result is an ethereal and emotive tune that reflects the distance between its production and the characters represented in its lyrics.

"Issues" was written as a reminiscence on the Child of SP's relationship when he relocated from Brazil to Europe. Although the relationship did not work out, the song portrays a lack of hatred, emphasizing how the couple worked together to heal and address problems within the growing distance. The heartbreaking lines, "We have issues, but we can work it out," encapsulate the core of their journey.

The track was released accompanied by a visually stunning music video created by Peter Moutinho. The film alternates between black-and-white and color, following the Child of SP and his companion as they move through the city, with an unspoken gulf between them.

Child of SP has achieved considerable progress in his musical career thus far. He is the first Brazilian singer to get a big label deal and sing completely in English, with radio play for his debut hit, "Smoke." Child of SP has also opened for well-known singers such as Tyga and Akon, bringing the artist full circle, as his first album purchase was Akon's "Konvicted."

With "Issues," Child of SP continues to carve out its niche in the music industry, fusing pop, R&B, and alternative indie influences to produce a sound that is both new and highly personalized.

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