DECOY Releases Incredible New EP "Re:Selection"

DECOY, a heavy metal quintet from Baton Rouge, has released their latest EP, "Re:Selection," which was recorded at Lantern Light Studios in New Orleans by famous producer Kyle Eroche. This hard-hitting EP delves deeply into themes of mental health, inner turmoil, and personal demons, providing a raw and compelling listening experience. 

DECOY's roster includes Matt Rumfellow and Bobby Burnette on guitars, Chris Rumfellow on bass, and Lucien Champton on drums, with Jonah Smith providing savage vocals. DECOY's signature sound, rooted in the Louisiana metal/hardcore movement, is defined by violently dissonant guitars and a crushing bass end, resulting in an anthemic and intense listening experience.

Since forming in the summer of 2017, DECOY has methodically honed its sound, pulling inspiration from heavyweights such as Hatebreed, Converge, Vein, and All Shall Perish. This impact is visible in the crushing structure of their music, where they transform their frustration and inner demons into a gripping musical attack.

"Re:Selection" demonstrates DECOY's progress and prowess in the metal scene. Each track is a voyage through the mind's deepest recesses, summoning powerful internal demons that fester uncontrolled. DECOY's unwavering energy and raw emotion have formed a powder keg of undetonated dynamite, set to erupt on the national touring circuit.

Fans can expect more new songs and concerts from DECOY as they continue to carve out a niche in the metal community. The EP "Re:Selection" is now accessible on all major streaming platforms, providing a powerful and immersive experience for metal fans worldwide.

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