Jane N’ The Jungle Ignites with Explosive New Single “GTFO”

Jane N' The Jungle is back with a hard-hitting nu-metal anthem called "GTFO," a fiery single that combines searing vocals and blazing guitar riffs. The song addresses difficult subjects such as American greed and gun violence, sending a forceful message through its aggressive sound and uncompromising words.

Jane N' The Jungle, founded in 2013 by childhood friends Jordan White and Brian Dellis, has grown from a garage rock band to a modern rock force. Their music is characterized by loud guitars, infectious energy, and a no-holds-barred attitude, with influences from alternative rock, metal, and punk. The band's energetic performances have earned them a loyal following and exposure from significant sites such as MTV Spankin' New, Spotify Editorial, and Apple Music Editorial. They've also been featured in Wonderland, Alternative Press, and Women That Rock.

"GTFO" is the first song off their next album, produced by Cameron Mizell, known for his work with Avril Lavigne, Memphis May Fire, and Sleeping With Sirens. The single showcases the band’s distinctive sound, combining forceful lead vocals with guitars that cut like a dagger. The song's raw intensity and emotional message demand attention, making it a highlight of their career.

Jane N’ The Jungle has previously released its full-length album "Concrete Jungle" in 2019 and the EPs "Ocean Creatures" in 2022 and "Life of the Party" in February 2024, both produced at Pearl Sound Studios with producer Chuck Alkazian. Their regular output and explosive live concerts have secured their place in the modern rock landscape, garnering them spots on rock radio stations and endorsements from Gibson Guitars.

With "GTFO," Jane N' The Jungle continues to push boundaries, delivering a song that speaks to the present sociopolitical context while remaining true to its hard rock roots. Fans may expect more dramatic and thought-provoking music on their future album.

Listen to "GTFO" now on all major streaming platforms, and look out for more from Jane N' The Jungle as they prepare to release their next album.

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