My Giddy Aunt Pays Tribute to a Canine Hero in New Single "Laika"

My Giddy Aunt, an all-neurodivergent and queer indie rock band, has released their latest tune, "Laika." The band, known for their inclusion and creative narrative, pays tribute to one of history's most moving underdogs—a stray dog from Moscow flown into space by the Soviet Space Programme. "Laika" pays a loving tribute to the canine they affectionately refer to as "The Queen of the Stars" with dazzling pianos and gleaming guitars.

The Collins Dictionary defines "Oh my giddy aunt" as a cry of astonishment, which perfectly captures the mood of this Naarm-based band. My Giddy Aunt, an all-queer and neurodivergent trio, is known for its colorful and eclectic musical palette, unique lyrics, and performances that are full of heart, passion, and humor. Their culture is based on inclusion and self-expression, and everyone feels welcome during their high-energy live events.

My Giddy Aunt, described as "delightfully charming" by Dave Ruby Howe of JJJ Unearthed, blends the clever writing of singer-songwriters like Courtney Barnett with the punch of classic rock bands and genre-defying orchestration reminiscent of Gang of Youths. The band's ingenuity shines through on their planned debut album, "8 Billion Characters in the Worst Movie Ever," which will be released in late 2024.

Introducing the Aunts: Rory Vagg (he/him), Lulu Perry (they/them), and Océane Federow-Yemm. As the second single from their upcoming album, "Laika" heightens expectations for what promises to be a great debut.

My Giddy Aunt's distinct sound and inclusive message appeal to a wide range of listeners, honoring variety and the power of music to communicate intriguing stories.

Listen to "Laika" on all major streaming platforms, and join My Giddy Aunt in celebrating the legacy of a genuine underdog hero.

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