CassavaGrooveTemple Announces Eclectic New EP "Mountains of the Moon"

CassavaGrooveTemple, a dynamic experimental electronic collective from Cambridge, UK, has released their latest EP, "Mountains of the Moon." This instrumental project presents a unique blend of genres, smoothly weaving together parts of jungle, lounge, Afrobeat, breakbeat, and drum and bass to create a diverse soundscape suitable for both a nightclub and a cozy kitchen.

"Mountains of the Moon," recorded in CassavaGrooveTemple's own studio, highlights the diverse talents of the band's musicians. The EP demonstrates the group's creative approach, combining traditional African rhythms with cutting-edge electronic production techniques. Each track on the EP takes the listener on a journey through various aural landscapes, demonstrating the band's commitment to pushing genre and stylistic limits.

The single "FluteCake" from their debut EP received significant notice, including appearances on BBC Introducing and Tom Robinson's Fresh off the Net. This award recognizes CassavaGrooveTemple's ability to create music that appeals to a wide range of audiences while remaining true to their unique artistic vision.

"Mountains of the Moon" follows this legacy, providing listeners with a diverse tapestry of experimental and approachable sounds. The EP is notable for its elaborate production and flawless mixing of several musical influences. From the throbbing rhythms of Afrobeat to the intricate beats of breakbeat and jungle, each track is unique and thrilling.

A spirit of collaboration and exploration defines the collective's approach to music. CassavaGrooveTemple has produced a unique sound by drawing on various influences and styles. "Mountains of the Moon" celebrates this diversity, providing a listening experience that is both intensely engrossing and delightfully unique.

CassavaGrooveTemple's latest release solidifies its reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the experimental electronic music field. "Mountains of the Moon" is currently accessible across all major streaming platforms. Whether you're dancing in a club or resting at home, this EP will captivate and inspire.

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