Heather Smith's debut album "Stronger" takes soulful alt-country to new heights.

Heather Smith, a New Hampshire-based singer-songwriter, has triumphantly launched her debut album "Stronger," which showcases her talents in folk/acoustic and alt-country genres. Heather's path to this milestone, at 51, is as amazing as the song itself. She only began performing publicly two years ago, battling enormous self-doubt and stage fright along the way.

"Stronger" is a very intimate album that begins with "Hey There," a song Heather penned when she was 19, which serves as a bridge between her past and present selves. The album's second track, "The You You Never Got To Be," serves as a moving bridge between "Hey There" and the title tune, "Stronger," describing her return to her roots as a singer-songwriter.

Heather's strong Appalachian and Motor City roots infuse the album with a distinctly American experience, particularly in the song "Room For One More," which delves into the transition from coal-mining areas to the car sector in Detroit. Her storytelling prowess is on full display in songs like "Space Lightning," "Shot in the Dark," and "Alchemy," which bring an "alt" twist to the album's traditional country origins. The album also includes a Scots-Irish flair in "Next Time We Say Goodbye," which demonstrates Heather's versatility and diverse musical inspirations.

Almost two years after "singing backup in a townie bar," Heather Smith has released a compilation of songs reminiscent of Cowboy Junkies, Tori Amos, and Patsy Cline. "Stronger" is an eclectic blend of heartfelt country that elegantly captures Heather's struggle to uncover her true self.

Heather's purpose with "Stronger" is to inspire others to pursue the passions that call to their souls, a message that rings true throughout the album. Her narrative and song demonstrate the force of endurance and the beauty of rediscovering one's voice later in life. Heather Smith's "Stronger" is available on all major streaming platforms, and her soulful melodies and poignant lyrics will inspire you on your journey.

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