Mohawk Castle Releases Emotionally Charged New Single "Shed Tears"

Mohawk Castle, a Long Beach, CA-based artist, has released an intense new tune titled "Shed Tears," a somber meditation on the divisions in the United States and a cry for unification. The song emphasizes the significance of common enjoyment and shared grief, asking listeners to unite in both joy and pain.

"Shed Tears" is a two-part epic that runs for more than six minutes, bringing listeners on an emotional rollercoaster that is both cathartic and intriguing. Mohawk Castle, also known offstage as Erik David Hidde, is the genius behind the critically acclaimed solo act Prison Escapee. From 2014 to 2024, Hidde released 11 studio albums, an EP, and countless singles and covers, establishing himself as a strong force in the music industry.

The tune exemplifies Hidde's unlimited imagination and relentless quest for musical innovation. "Shed Tears" is full of contagious energy, pushed by a dynamic combination of electronic synths, trap beats, and post-rock guitars. Hidde's voice soars above the ethereal backdrop, offering introspective lyrics laced with genuineness and raw passion.

"Shed Tears" was recorded, mixed, mastered, orchestrated, and produced entirely in Hidde's living room, demonstrating his varied talent. Mohawk Castle is pioneering a unique blend of indie-rock and electronic-trap production, combining electronic synths, trap beats, post-rock guitars, deep bass, and rock drums to create a sound that defies the conventions of current music.

Hidde's lyrics, which reflect on the divisions that exist in the United States, convey the essence of the common human experience. "You expressed sadness after hearing a song I sang. Nonetheless, it brought tranquility. "Shed Tears" was written on May 17th, 2023, and completed a year later on May 16th, 2024. It is a timely and relevant piece that appeals to the hearts of its audience.

Hidde is now touring the Los Angeles area, performing his debut album "Die for Love," and continues to fascinate audiences with his original sound and passionate performances. Mohawk Castle's "Shed Tears" is more than just a song; it's an invitation to come together, feel, and cry.

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