War Gods of the Deep Reissue "Action Space Battle (Redux)" Album

Astro Dragon Records is pleased to present the second limited-edition pressing of "Action Space Battle (Redux)," War Gods of the Deep's inaugural full-length album. Originally released in 2019, this hard-hitting album is being reissued with a special fan club edition to commemorate the band's explosive breakthrough into the classic rock and heavy metal scene.

War Gods of the Deep, known for their heavy metal and hard rock sound, draws inspiration from legendary bands such as Kiss, Queen, Van Halen, Metallica, and Def Leppard. Their music is distinguished by heavily distorted guitars, loud drumming, and a variety of song forms ranging from refined and melodic to muscular and reckless. The end product is a powerful collection of tunes with epic, Jupiterian majesty.

In an era when heavy music can appear splintered and niche-driven, War Gods of the Deep serves as a lighthouse for a more accessible and nostalgic form of rock and metal. Their sound, deeply anchored in the fertile soil of the '70s and '80s, manages to synthesize classic inspirations with new ones, resulting in a distinct yet recognizable listening experience.

The release of "Action Space Battle (Redux)" is more than simply a tribute to their great debut; it's an opportunity for fans to own a piece of rock history with the limited-run "fan club edition". This special edition includes the physical media that fans have been waiting for, making it a must-have for both collectors and new listeners.

War Gods of the Deep's re-release of their debut album further demonstrates that their sound is unique. Check out "Action Space Battle (Redux)" on all major streaming platforms, Relive the wonder of War Gods of the Deep, where classic rock and current metal collide in a timeless combination.

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