Anjalts releases the soul-stirring single "Sometimes the Angels Cry"

Anjalts, a musician and composer from New York, released her next single, "Sometimes the Angels Cry,". It's a dream-pop masterpiece that combines synth-wave skill with tremendous emotional depth. The song takes listeners on a soul-stirring journey, highlighting Anjalts' natural vocal gravity and lyrical variety in an ethereal examination of love's frail heart.

The song's title, "Sometimes the Angels Cry," suggests the inner difficulties of relationships on the verge of implosion but still filled with love. Anjalts leaves much of the song's meaning free to interpretation, allowing listeners to lose themselves in its natural mood and comfort. The tune flawlessly combines bass guitar sounds with EDM's hard-hitting bass drum, resulting in a rhythmic synergy and spatial balance that propels the underlying feeling.

Anjalts' contralto voice, rich in inflections, seamlessly glides from haunting lows to soaring highs, creating a profoundly affecting experience. Anjalts, a rising musician who performs and produces all of her music, demonstrates her talent and variety. The final recording was mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, giving a touch of perfection to an already captivating sound.

"Sometimes the Angels Cry" demonstrates what an artist may portray through a song with few tools. Its soul-stirring importance and subtle vulnerability are vividly felt, with each note and beat expertly arranged to create a captivating mood. Anjalts' voice propels the intricate melodies into the stratosphere, creating an ethereal reinterpretation of love's delicate heart.

Anjalts is now working on the final three songs for her upcoming 15-track album, 'Bluency,' which will be released on July 19, 2024. This new single provides a tantalizing preview of what to expect from her upcoming album, promising an unforgettable musical experience.

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