Sporty-O Drops New Single "Tequila Rage Face" with Bowser and Rhades

Atlanta, United States Sporty-O, known for his energetic live performances and genre-blending music, returns with a new track, "Tequila Rage Face," featuring Spanish producers Bowser and Rhades. This is the first time these three artists have collaborated, resulting in a fast-paced composition combining electronic, breakbeat, hip-hop, and rap components.

Sporty-O, is a dynamic vocalist and producer, with a track record of chart-topping anthems and unforgettable performances at major EDM festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), Ultra Music Festival, and TomorrowWorld. Sporty-O, known for his distinct approach, is one of the few successful hybrid EDM musicians who does not DJ but is a highly regarded producer and vocalist. His live presentations are a welcome change from normal DJ sets, with unrivaled energy and presence on stage.

Sporty-O and Keith Mackenzie are longstanding collaborators but Keith did introduce Sporty-O and Bowser, a rising talent in the Spanish breakbeat scene, enlisted his friend and fellow producer Rhades to round out the production team. Despite the geographical difference, with Bowser and Rhades in southern Spain and Sporty-O in Atlanta, the trio surmounted obstacles via months of work, eventually producing a masterpiece that highlights their combined talents.

"Tequila Rage Face" was recorded in multi-platinum producer/engineer Nick Fury's studio, which added another level of competence to the tune. The song embodies Sporty-O's style and his distinctive hashtag #TequilaRageFaceGang, showcasing his brand's joyful and lively energy. The phrase "Tequila Rage Face" playfully portrays the grimace people make after they take a big shot of tequila, perfectly capturing the song's high-energy vibe.

Sporty-O's influence extends beyond his music, as his logo and hashtag appear on promotional items such as t-shirts, lighters, fliers, and shot glasses sold at his live events. His ability to bridge the gap between EDM and hip-hop has gained him a loyal audience, with over 60k monthly Spotify listeners and many songs reaching the top ten on Beatport across genres.

Bowser and Rhades contribute their own distinct styles to the cooperation. Bowser is well-known for his work in the Breakbeat and UK Garage sectors, while Rhades is a rising star in the southern Spanish breaks scene. They collaborated to develop a single that will undoubtedly appeal to people all across the world.

"Tequila Rage Face" is currently out and looks set to be a hit thanks to its addictive sounds and dynamic cooperation.

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