Louise Burke's "Benevolent not Malevolent": A Heartfelt Eulogy to Love and Loss

Louise Burke, a multi-talented musician from Hamilton, UK, presents "Benevolent not Malevolent," a melancholy piece that merges alt-country, pop, folk, and folk-pop into a meaningful musical experience. This record exemplifies Burke's broad musical journey and emotional depth.

Burke sought to mend a failed relationship while under lockdown, which inspired the song. "Benevolent not Malevolent" is a poignant tribute to this personal chapter, portraying the bittersweet nature of love and sorrow. Burke's vocals glide effortlessly over a warm acoustic accompaniment, complete with finger-plucked guitar and shimmering licks that give the track a dreamlike aspect. The result is a soundscape that is both intimate and wide, with a strong emotional impact.

Louise Burke's journey to music is as engaging as her tone. Burke began her career as a translator for international organizations before moving on to acting, where she played the royal nanny on "The Crown." Her musical career took a dramatic turn when renowned director Danny Boyle and Amy Winehouse's father lauded her voice abilities. Burke was inspired by these affirmations to follow her passion for music, practicing with renowned vocal teachers such as Mary Hammond.

Her debut single, "Artist's Rut," delves into the internal conflict between artistic ambitions and personal commitments, laying the groundwork for her follow-up, "Benevolent not Malevolent." Burke's affinity to music is extremely personal, stemming from her father and his band, The Concordes. Her sound reflects the influence of 60s country music, which her parents played when she was a child.

When her father was afflicted with cancer in 2013, Burke felt she couldn't let her goal go. This resolve and emotional journey are obvious in her music, which transforms "Benevolent not Malevolent" into a touching story of love, grief, and survival.

Louise Burke's "Benevolent not Malevolent" is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys music with a story. Burke's latest release solidifies her position as a prominent voice in alt-country and folk-pop.

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