Leonian Dream's new single "Greenhouse" brings fresh energy to the indie-rock scene.

Following the success of their debut track "Gloomy Room," which received airplay on tastemaker radio stations such as John Kennedy (Radio X), BBC Introducing, and Amazing Radio, Leonian Dream returns with their addictive new summer rock single "Greenhouse." This is the second song off their planned debut EP, "Gloomy Room," which will be released later this year.

"Greenhouse" is an anthem that explores sentiments of worry and escapism, as well as the hope that comes from believing that the grass is always greener on the other side. Lead singer Leonie Prater aptly depicts this dichotomy, remarking, "'Greenhouse' battles feelings of anxiety and escapism against the freedoms of optimism within an ever-changing world."

Leonian Dream, a South West England-based band, consists of Swiss singer-songwriter Leonie Prater and Black Country-born guitarist Thomas Rogers. The band has been performing throughout Devon and Dorset for the past three years, honing their sound and establishing a loyal audience. Their debut single "Gloomy Room" combines the finest of 90s alt-rock with tributes to current indie-rock classics such as Wolf Alice and Wet Leg.

Leonian Dream's music incorporates a wide range of influences, including 90s grunge, European folk, and Australian indie pop/rock, to create a dynamic and distinct sound. Their live performances have been featured at significant events such as Exeter's Respect Festival and Lyme Regis' Oktoberfest. This summer, the band will tour the southwest, with new members Bran Pick on bass, Cameron MacDougall (Slinky Machine/King Heron) on drums, and Ben Webster on keys.

"Greenhouse" demonstrates Leonian Dream's increasing artistry and ability to connect with fans through honest, emotionally powerful songs. As they continue to gain traction, this single is guaranteed to strengthen their position in the indie-rock scene.

Prepare to be enthralled by Leonian Dream's "Greenhouse" and their debut EP "Gloomy Room" later this year. This band is primed for greatness, and their journey is only beginning.

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