Groove Vultures Soar with New Single "What Happened to Lucy"

Melbourne's Groove Vultures are making waves with their current track, "What Happened to Lucy." As a self-produced garage rock band, the Groove Vultures blend distinct metal inspirations with punk, ska, and grunge components to create a unique, high-energy sound. This four-piece band is determined to light up the stage and take their music around the world.

"What Happened to Lucy" stands out for its powerful, story-driven lyrics that create bittersweet reminiscence. The track has a groovy, blues-inspired lead guitar layered over a hard rock bassline, giving it a driving and funky feel. The song tackles themes of lost love and regret while maintaining a lively and bouncy rhythm, making it seem both melancholy and thrilling.

The tune is from their debut self-titled EP, which also has notable tracks like "Hang On," "Thirsty," and "Self Destruct." Each song exemplifies the band's flexibility, combining hard rock, punk, and funky elements to create a distinct and captivating sound.

"Hang On" taps into the band's heavy rock influences, offering a story about taking risks and hanging on for dear life, with a bridge that portrays the exciting rush of adrenaline. "Thirsty" takes a punk approach, focusing on growing up and confidently facing the future. The EP's original track, "Self Destruct," is a high-energy rock anthem with metal tones that explores themes of self-doubt and tenacity.

Groove Vultures are enthusiastic about their music, and their live shows are loud, genuine, and high-energy. The band's musical journey has only just begun, with two more singles now in the works. They are eager to break into the music industry and reach a larger audience throughout the world.

"What Happened to Lucy" is a song that transports you on a journey, representing the band's self-production technique and passion for music. This music will appeal to fans of heavy rock, alternative rock, and garage rock, as well as a more popular audience. This band is just getting started, but their future in the music industry appears quite promising.

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