Ten Minute Detour Releases Soulful New Single "Over Under"

Ten Minute Detour's latest single, "Over Under," a compelling single, now available on all major digital platforms, is a watershed moment in the band's creative journey, capturing their live intensity in a grainy, analog-tinted recording.

Marcus Paquin and João Carvalho produced, mixed, and mastered "Over Under" at Montreal's MixArt Studio. The track reflects the anticipated transformation and discovery felt throughout the pandemic years, capturing the band's progress over the last five years. "These songs are meant to capture our live energy as a band," Ten Minute Detour stated. "We've always been partial to warm, grainy tones, so recording at an analog studio like MixArt helped capture that sound."

Lyrically, "Over Under" explores themes of stagnation and insecurity, which many people have experienced recently. "The pandemic surely played a part in sculpting these thematic ideas; 'Over Under' has evolved over years, encapsulating fatigue and the courage to move forward," the group says. The single, recorded over three hectic days in Montreal and enhanced with remote overdubs, captures the raw, live essence of Ten Minute Detour.

This record also represents a watershed moment for Ten Minute Detour, as they transition from a five-piece to a core three-member ensemble. "It's a new technique for us, but we believe it will open up a lot more creative potential in the studio and live. Change is a crucial tool for progress, and we are very pleased about the upcoming chapter for TMD."

Ten Minute Detour, formed over a decade ago by Andrew Shier, Jordan MacNeil, and Kaol Porter, continues to push the boundaries of their sound, merging indie rock with gritty warmth and emotional depth.

Previous works, notably 2022's "Golden Tapestry," have garnered them critical acclaim and the opportunity to support popular bands such as MONOWHALES, Reuben And The Dark, CVC, and Mo Lowda & the Humble. The band has also recently performed at New York City's New Colossus Festival, the Saint-Roch XP Festival in Quebec City, and the Fall2Fest in Galt, Ontario, where they supported famous Canadian performers Said The Whale and Dwayne Gretzky.

"Over Under" exemplifies Ten Minute Detour's artistic development and tenacity, including a laid-back, feel-good indie beat mixed with beautiful, soft vocal melodies. This song will appeal to fans of both Briston Maroney and Dawes, ushering in an exciting new period for the band.

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