Lipford Releases Emotionally Charged New Single, "Sunday Morning"

Lipford, an Italian-American pop singer, has released his thirteenth single, "Sunday Morning," a melancholy track about the aftermath of a love lost. This commercial pop song, produced, recorded, mixed, and orchestrated by Francesco Grammatico at the Jungle Music Factory studio in Tivoli, illustrates Lipford's ability to meld contemporary musical sensibilities with indie pop inspirations.

"Sunday Morning" depicts the lingering grief of a relationship's termination. The daily sight of a spouse who is no longer yours feels like a dagger, turning their existence into a distant memory. The song delves eloquently into the physical and mental barriers that emerge when the illusion of reconciliation disappears. It depicts adulthood's maturity, in which pride and forgiveness fade and nothing remains the same as it once was the end of young love.

Lipford, born in Rome in 1985, spent 17 years as the guitarist and composer for the alternative rock band MANTRAM. 

The band's disbandment in January 2019 signaled the start of his solo career, allowing him to pursue other artistic interests. His most recent pieces exhibit a new musical identity, attempting to portray the feelings and rediscoveries of ordinary life.

Lipford's new album, "Sunday Morning," showcases his developed voice and great lyrical profundity. This composition demonstrates his ability to portray complicated emotions through music, resonating strongly with listeners who have felt the anguish of lost love.

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