Music UnLtd releases the thought-provoking new single "It Crossed My Mind"

Music UnLtd, a Mumbai-based alternative rock band, has recently released their latest single, "It Crossed My Mind," which delves deeply into the nuances of relationships and the tough, but often necessary, decision to part ways. Music UnLtd, known for its eclectic combination of indie rock, psychedelic, soft rock, and prog rock, continues to push its sound's boundaries with this emotionally driven piece.

"It Crossed My Mind" delves into the mature and objective questions of a couple whose relationship appears stagnant and without direction. The song promotes the idea that separation, while typically viewed negatively, maybe a constructive step towards personal growth and stronger relationships. It promotes the concept that parting ways as friends, with no hard feelings, is a freeing gesture when a relationship is no longer rewarding.

Milin, the genius of Music UnLtd, says, "The composition evolved naturally from the start. Once I had finalized the melody, harmony, and lyrics, I chose artists whose styles matched the sensitivity of the song." Milin worked with studio musicians on this song to capture its subtle character. Krunal Shah excels on the keys, crafting beautiful piano and string passages. Nikhil Nair provides beautiful bass lines, and Yadhunandan Nagaraj's delicate drumming adds to the song's emotional depth.

Milin's vocals were recorded at Studio Dhwani Digital in Nagpur with Shailesh Dani, while Varun Parikh brilliantly mixed and mastered the tune at Bay Owl Studios in Mumbai. Kanisha Alur and Diya Phutane, animation specialists from Bangalore, created the song's graphics, which included artwork by Diya Phutane and animation by Jeevanath Viswanath.

Music UnLtd, which is confirmed on key platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music, has had songs premiere on VH1, 9xO, NWCZ Radio [USA], 94.3 FM RadioOne, 93.5 FM Red Indies, and 107.1FM Rainbow. "It Crossed My Mind" exemplifies their increasing artistry and dedication to making music that resonates deeply with their listeners.

Check out "It Crossed My Mind" on all major streaming platforms to hear Music UnLtd's emotional take on the freedom that comes with letting go.

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