Jesse Eplan's new single, "Sunburst," demonstrates his versatility and creative genius.

Jesse Eplan, a Bellmore, Long Island native, has released his latest single, "Sunburst," which captures his distinct blend of rap, emo rap, hip-hop, alternative indie R&B, and pop. Jesse began his musical career at the age of 13, and he has since grown into a powerful music producer and performer who owns and operates The Sound Lab, a cutting-edge recording studio. He works with some of the hottest artists in a variety of genres.

Jesse Eplan's talent spans all aspects of music production, from writing and producing to mixing and mastering. He is also an expert beatmaker with experience in industry-standard software such as Logic and ProTools. This multi-talented artist has released several tracks under his name, each demonstrating his range and ingenuity.

"Sunburst" is a lively addition to Jesse's catalog, showcasing his lyrical prowess and engaging beats, which have captivated listeners around the country. His music is an exploration of contemplative storytelling, appealing hooks, and genre-defying production. Jesse draws inspiration from musicians such as Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Chris Brown, and Travis Scott, incorporating their flows, hooks, and beat selections into his unique style.

Jesse's most recent work demonstrates a mature approach to songwriting and audio production, with rigorous attention to detail and genius-level originality in beat composition. His early works, such as the LPs "Trap Harmony" and "Purple Wave," recorded at the University of Tampa, cemented his place in the trap and hip-hop scenes, gaining significant notice through collaborations with musicians such as Famous Dex and Controversy.

Jesse Eplan's latest single, "Sunburst," demonstrates his continued artistic evolution and pushes limits. This tune reflects his artistic development and commitment to altering the sound of modern rap and pop music. Stay tuned as Jesse Eplan continues to inspire audiences and advance his growing career. 

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