Lethia's Natorium Unveils Uptempo Single "Sometimes"

Lethia's Natorium, the unique studio project led by vocalist Pena, has recently released its new single, "Sometimes." This up-tempo track speaks to many listeners, portraying the varying moods we all encounter. "Sometimes" combines elements of 80s rock, alternative music, punk rock, and indie rock, creating a vivid 80s mood.

Lethia's Natorium is a collaborative studio endeavor. Pena, the project's creative director, works with a talented group of session musicians. Karl Thompson, who has been working with Pena for over two years, plays the drums. Liam Knight, the producer at SoundArc Recording Studio, handles the bass, while Josh Elliott, who contributes remotely from his JGE Studio in Dorset, provides the guitar parts.

Their dynamic sound reflects the musicians' camaraderie. Pena and Karl have worked together since her solo endeavors, when Max Read, a producer at another studio Pena frequents, introduced them. Josh Elliott joined through a mutual connection, and his creative contributions have been critical, particularly in transforming "Sometimes" from a guitar/ukulele demo to a stronger rock composition.

"Sometimes" was recorded at SoundArc Recording Studio and contains Pena's intimate and honest vocals, as well as Karl's dynamic drumming and Liam's skillful production. Josh's guitar work, added remotely, adds to the track's rock vibe. The song's progression included raising the pace, deleting the ukulele part, and decreasing the length for a more succinct and impactful performance.

"Sometimes" investigates the dichotomy of human feelings, ranging from a desire to party to a yearning for seclusion. The song's clashing tones and strong beats bring this notion to life. The tune highlights Pena's vocal closeness, capturing every breath and nuance, making for an engaging listen.

Lethia's Natorium, inspired by classic bands such as Blondie, Garbage, and Siouxsie and the Banshees, continues to push musical limits. Despite having performed at a few festivals, Pena is more interested in composing music than in live appearances. This attention to songwriting and recording is obvious in "Sometimes," demonstrating their artistic progress.

"Sometimes" is now accessible on all major platforms, giving fans a new and bright addition to their playlists. Experience Lethia's Natorium's distinct sound and allow "Sometimes" to become a part of your musical journey.

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