Chloe Mayse Releases Poignant New Single "High School"

Rising pop artist Chloe Mayse is set to captivate listeners with her heartfelt new single, "High School," a blend of commercial pop, pop, and indie pop. Hailing from Toronto, Chloe brings a personal and emotional depth to her music, drawing from her own life experiences.

"High School" is a deeply personal song inspired by Chloe's time at an all-girls Catholic school. Serving as her "coming out" anthem, the track reflects the intense emotions she experienced while grappling with her sexuality during her teenage years. Chloe recalls her struggle to confess her love for a close friend, capturing the fear and secrecy that marked her high school days.

The music video for "High School" visually narrates Chloe's inner world during that time, depicting her writing lyrics and fantasizing about her friend. It illustrates the ideal interactions she longed for, had she been able to express her true feelings openly. This visual storytelling complements the song’s poignant lyrics, offering a powerful and relatable narrative.

Chloe Mayse’s music stands out for its catchy melodies and authentic storytelling. "High School" is no exception, showcasing her ability to blend commercial appeal with deep personal insights. Her vibrant sound highlights her growth as an artist and her dedication to sharing her truth through music.

With "High School," Chloe Mayse continues to build her reputation in the pop music scene. The track is now available on all major streaming platforms, promising to resonate with listeners who have faced similar struggles. Chloe’s journey of self-discovery and musical expression is one to watch, and "High School" is a testament to her talent and courage.

Experience the heartfelt and evocative sounds of "High School" and join Chloe Mayse on her journey of self-expression and empowerment.

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