Sarantos Unveils Enchanting New Single "Old Town in Europe"

Sarantos, a Chicago-based artist, has released his latest single, a beautiful instrumental composition named "Old Town in Europe." Inspired by the quaint beauty of old European towns, including Greece, Italy, and England, this piece invites listeners on a melodic tour through some of the world's most gorgeous locations.

"Old Town in Europe" demonstrates the power of instrumental music, conveying the essence of European tradition through elaborate orchestration and dramatic interplay. Sarantos describes the tune as "a trip through the heart of Europe, with each note painting a vivid picture of ancient cobblestone streets and timeless landscapes." The single provides a comprehensive audio experience, letting listeners envision themselves strolling around medieval towns, immersed in their distinct atmospheres.

The release is accompanied by a superbly made music video that visually reflects the song's thematic depth and enhances the listener experience. This release builds on Sarantos' outstanding tradition of releasing a new song, lyric video, music video, book chapter, and poetry each month, displaying his persistent dedication to his craft and audience. Reviewers lauded "Old Town in Europe" for its "instrumental essence, intricate orchestration, and melodic depth," emphasizing Sarantos' outstanding musical narrative.

Aside from his musical endeavors, Sarantos is a committed philanthropist who supports several causes picked by his admirers. His creative outputs, including all songs, lyric sheets, videos, books, and poems, are freely available on his website, demonstrating his kind spirit and dedication to sharing his creative journey with the world.

Sarantos is an experienced songwriter, producer, and lyricist noted for his diverse talents and varied approach. Sarantos has enthralled audiences worldwide, receiving over 57 accolades and nominations since 2014. A genuine Renaissance guy, he is also a comic book fan, gamer, and the host of the popular Songwriters Radio Show, which is distributed on platforms such as iHeartRadio and Spotify. His approach to music is sincere, with the conviction that "every song is a story."

"Old Town in Europe" is more than just a musical piece; it invites you to close your eyes, listen, and be instantaneously transported to Europe's old cities.

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