Inki's "Thoughts Midsentence" Album: A Sonic Journey from Reykjavik

Reykjavik, Iceland is known for producing some of the most exciting alternative musicians, and Inki is no exception. Her current album, "Thoughts Midsentence," is precisely crafted, striking the perfect balance between creativity and experimentation in the Dream Pop, Electronic, and Dark-Pop genres. This mix of electronic and alternative pop demonstrates Inki's exceptional musical ability.

Inki has already made an impact in the indie music scene, attracting the attention of music blogs and playlist curators. Her release event in Reykjavik on May 3rd was a sell-out success, and she plans to tour with this project later this year. Inki's songs captivate listeners with enticing velvet vocal melodies and go into unexpected territory. With a master's degree in experimental music composition, she explores new territory, digging deeper into themes of love, heartbreak, and carefree moments in dance compositions such as "Barefoot On The Dancefloor."

"Thoughts Midsentence" strikes the appropriate balance between the familiar and the creative. Throughout the record, expect to hear deep bass lines, acoustic instruments, engaging rhythms, and the pure intensity of electronic landscapes. Inki explains the album's title: "Have you ever been telling a story and then stopped yourself with another one, desperately trying to find a decent landing spot so you don't lose your listener's attention? "That's 'Thoughts Midsentence,' which perfectly captures the creative process behind this album."

Inki, an award-winning composer, has had his compositions performed on stages and in art galleries throughout Europe and the United States. She has created her musical instruments and sound installations, such as "Quite the Situation," which was shown at the Reykjavik Art Festival, and "Brotabrot," which features stories from ex-inmates of the Icelandic Women's Prison.


Furthermore, while obtaining her master's degree in music composition in California, Inki used her experience as a producer inside San Quentin Prison.

Be ahead of the curve and immerse yourself in Inki's captivating world of "Thoughts Midsentence". This album exemplifies her innovative energy and artistic vision, making it a must-listen for aficionados of Dream Pop and beyond.

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