Giant The Vine Premieres New Video “The Heresiarch”

Giant The Vine, the renowned post-rock and alternative rock band from Italy's Liguria East Coast debuted their captivating new video for the tune "The Heresiarch". This track is a standout from their most recent album, A Chair at the Backdoor (Luminol Records, 2023).

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"The Heresiarch" is an angular, pulsing, and aggressive track with alternative and post-punk undertones. Its direct nature draws focus, rendering it a standout point on the full-length record. The video, while crucial in its approach, effectively blends darkness and light to accentuate the song's dynamics and mood, highlighting rhythmic changes and crescendos.

Inspired by the story of Dolcino, a well-known heresiarch from the early 1300s, the song explores themes of revolt and defiance. Dolcino expanded on Saint Francis of Assisi's revolt by teaching gender equality, rejecting the Church's function as a mediator between humans and God, and living communally without private possessions. The Pope accused Dolcino of heresy, and he was killed by civil authorities together with his co-preacher and concubine, Margaret of Trent. His body was violently chopped and burned.

Giant The Vine portrays this historical narrative via a pulsating and evocative composition that embodies Dolcino's life and values. The band's ability to combine historical narration with dynamic musical creation makes "The Heresiarch" a must-see and listen for aficionados of post-rock, alternative rock, and progressive rock.

<img src="Giant The Vine Premieres New Video “The Heresiarch">

"The Heresiarch" is now available to watch and stream on all major platforms. Discover more about Giant The Vine and their latest album, A Chair at the Backdoor, and become immersed in the compelling story and sound of "The Heresiarch."

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