The Josh Hicks Story: Music, Memories, and ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’

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Josh Hicks Story

Welcome to an awesome chat with Josh Hicks, the guy behind “Home is where the Heart is.” If you’ve been vibing with his previous hits like “Self Seeking” and “Everything About You,” you’re in for a treat with his latest track.

In this interview, we’re going to hang out with Josh and talk about what makes his music special. We would begin by getting to know where is from to his biggest form of inspiration, then jump to know the type of person he is outside music, thus, when he is not making music. Think of it like catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee, except this time, we’re getting the inside scoop on Josh’s musical journey.

From growing up in a cozy Welsh village to making waves in the music scene, Josh is all about keeping it real. We’ll hear about the stories behind his songs, the artists who light up his playlist, and what keeps him going when the going gets tough.

So join us as we dig deeper into the life of this multi-talented artist.

Listen to Home Is Where The Heart Is below

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What is your stage name?
Josh Hicks

Is there a story behind your stage name?
There’s actually 23 years’ worth of stories behind my stage name as this is the name, I was given at birth; albeit Joshua not Josh.

Where do you find inspiration?
I have grown to love song writing; it’s how I cure my boredom on a frequent basis. I try my best to write about my personal life. However, sometimes there’s nothing to write about, sometimes I will write about a character that I connected to in a movie or draw from family and friends experiences. To sum it up I actually enjoy putting myself in other people’s shoes and trying to write about it, I suppose subconsciously I find it helps me connect to someone’s situation a lot easier. On the whole, personal experience is my main focus.

What was the role of music in the early years of your life?
Where to start. Entertaining has also been something I was into from a young age I always felt like I was put on this earth to simply make people happy. I tried magic, gymnastic, dancing and finally settled on singing. My singing gradually came to the forefront of my life as I tried out all the other forms of entertaining first.

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GCSE and A-Levels are where my love for music prospered. My music teachers encouraged me to my fullest. Allowing me to sing with the big band for practice but also for gigs and getting me down local pubs to sing live to build my confidence. University was a big jump for me having to sing in a room full of other talented musicians in their own right. Forcing myself out of my comfort zone is now something I quite enjoy doing.

Are you from a musical or artistic family?
Not really, my mum was into her arts and crafts when she was younger, and my dad has a good eye for manufacturing and business. My mom graduated with a degree in sports psychology which I guess has helped me write about other people’s experiences when I’ve felt like it.

Who inspired you to be a part of the music industry?
As cliche as it might sound my parents actually. They supported and nurtured my love for music and entertaining. I grew up listening to so much music that I believed I lived in a world where singing was just something everyone could do naturally.

I was surrounded by whoever was current at the time and also my parents’ favorites, such as; Micheal Jackson and Whitney Houston to name a small few.

How did you learn to sing/write/to play?
I’ve been singing in general, ever since I was a young kid. However, performing started just before I started uni. Going to open mic nights that my A-level music teacher set up, performing with a big band which started because I need to do something for my a-level course. I built my confidence up at my pace with the help and guidance of others (I think that’s really important!).

<img src="The Josh Hicks Story: Music, Memories, and ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’”>
 The Josh Hicks Story: Music, Memories, and ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’

I started writing around 2020 as it was somewhat of a requirement for a module at uni. I’d been told multiple times by people to start writing, jot ideas in a diary. I got a lot of the shit ones out of the way and then started to feel more comfortable and confident in my writing ability!

What was the first concert that you ever went to and who did you see perform?
You know what I’ve actually been to quite a few with my friends. The one that comes to mind, straight off the bat is Jedward. I was young and it was for my twin best friend’s birthday if I remember correctly.

My parents did take me to shows and pantomimes when I was younger so it could have been one of those as well. I believe Micheal Jackson would have been my first, but he died shortly after my parents bought the tickets.

How could you describe your music?
My music is a mixture of Pop and soul at the moment. I’ve got a few songs under my belt that are more towards the R&B and Jazz which I’m super excited to release. I guess a good name for my genre which I never have identified myself as; is neo/soul.

Describe your creative process.
Normally and preferably, I liked to start on piano get the chords and build of that. Lyrics are usually the last thing I worry about. Sometimes I go to the studio where I bring a reference track and say let’s try do something like this, then we build of it like that. However, that probably is my least favorite way of writing as it doesn’t feel very organic, making it harder for me to connect to the song.

What is your main inspiration?
Truthfully, I always struggle to answer this question as there are SO many amazingly talented artists out there that inspire me everyday. However, if I was to pin point it I’d have to list; Amy Winehouse, Adele, Micheal Jackson and currently, Raye.

What musician do you admire most and why?
As I said earlier, Micheal Jackson and Whitney Houston will forever be the main reason I love music and find/found it so magical to begin with. Later finding artist like Chaka Khan, Lauryn Hill, Luther Vandross, Sade, Stevie wonder, Amy Winehouse and Queen they all broadened my horizons with music. I guess in some way I inspire to be like everyone there I mentioned.

Did your style evolve since the beginning of your career?
In some sense yes, my hair went from permed to the natural wave with blonde running through it. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to hair styles, I feel like us men lose it quicker, so we are more precious over our hair. Clothing wise I guess it’s been somewhat the same. I’ve only released music a year ago, so I guess not much has changed in that year?

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Who do you see as your main competitor?
Call me naive or whatever, I try not to look at other artist as competitors as I truly love to support and help others.

What are your interests outside of music?
I don’t wanna say I’m just music oriented, however I sort of am. I do love my downtime when I can get it. In the warmer months being in the garden looking after the plants is fun for me, just not a fan of the wasps! You know I do enjoy a night out with my friends as well, especially festivals when it’s warmer!

That aside, I used to be a Ballroom and Latin dancer where I’d travel all around Wales and England competing and having lessons, was so much fun, especially the lessons!

If it wasn’t a music career, what would you be doing?
Funny I just had the conversation with my friend and bass player, Alex Hancox. I said I think I would have pursued psychology, maybe forensic or criminology. I have quite the weird fascination with all things about the brain. Whether it’s about the brain itself or understanding what makes us tick. I get this from my mum 100%! Neuroscience I guess would be an alternative?

What is the biggest problem you have encountered in the journey of music?
I think communication. It’s never easy to communicate through email/ texts. However, that seems to be the way most people operate in the music industry, or how I like to call it the business industry.

As it sometimes feels like the industry is 80% business and 20% music. Also, another bug bare is people not reading fully what you’ve sent them. I know a lot of people I email are seriously busy, but they sometimes miss the curial information I give them. For example, the release date haha. So, lesson learnt PR emails sent out 2 weeks before, radio and playlist 1 week before or after release.

If you could change one thing in the music industry, what would it be?
It would either be the pay system (streaming) for artists or how social media followers means more than good music. Infact, now I’ve said that it’s probably the later. There’re so many talented artists out there who won’t even get sniffed at by labels because their following is too low.

Meanwhile influencers who one day decide they want to release a song get snapped up because they have a big following. Unfortunately, the music industry seems to be fueled by money rather than music. They must be confused with the alliteration between money and music?

What are your plans for the coming months?
I have so many goals: some of them are realistic, others for now are unrealistic. I guess just to keep going, not to be in the same place this year as I was last year. Personal growth, I guess? I have my first gig in London, 25th March (venue is a secret until 36 hours before the event) with a company called Sofar Sounds. Folk at the Moon in Cardiff 23rd April. I do have a secret of my own coming up in early May, if you live in Cardiff keep your eyes peeled! ;))

Do you have any artistic collaboration plans
There’re a few people I’ve contacted and want to contact with collabs. However, I’m waiting for replies from some of them. This is how it tends to go with collabs from my experience. People say yes and then you never hear from them again. I used to think there was a special business that was the medium between artists to action and plan the collabs for us. However, that sadly isn’t the case to my knowledge.

What message would you like to give to your fans?
As an Independant artist my main thing is to say enjoy my music. Let me know if you connect with it. If you want to help me out, following me on literally everything from Spotify to YouTube to TikTok. Every follow helps my algorithm which intern helps boost my reach to a wider audience. This could lead to labels favoring me over another artist for example. If not just streaming my music or liking my posts helps significantly.

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