Robert Jordan Unveils Dark, Soulful Album 'In Heaven'

Robert Jordan, a Boulder singer-songwriter known for his late-life musical journey, has released his new album, In Heaven. This alternative music album, mixed with art rock, indie rock, and rock-pop elements, features ten hauntingly beautiful songs. The album's passionate vocals and dark, melodic pace evoke memories of The Doors and David Bowie.

Robert Jordan's musical career started five years ago with his debut album, Time Will Tell. His new album, In Heaven, was recorded at Far and Away Studios in Boulder by the acclaimed Geoff Grey, who has a fifty-year career working with top musicians such as the Colorado band Firefall. David Snider, a seasoned studio musician and jazz band member, produced the album, which features collaborations with Larry Coryell and Janis Ian. Notably, Snider is currently working as a keyboardist for Carlos Santana.

Acclaimed percussionist Christian Teele contributes to In Heaven, while Boulder folk singer and sound healer Rebecca Abraxas provides backup vocals. The album spans various genres, from the peppy rockers "Song for Bob" and "Over for Good" to the folk-rock and jazz elements audible throughout. Standout tracks include the Doors-inspired "In Heaven," the upbeat "Invisible Friends," and the instrumental "Sky."

Tracks 3 and 6 are love songs, and "Purgatory" is a forceful condemnation of religious organizations. The Pink Floyd-inspired "Letting Go" is a standout, with a 14-minute version accessible on Jordan's previous album. The title tune, "Vincent and Theo," offers a genuine narrative about Jordan's visit to Vincent Van Gogh's grave, bringing a personal touch to the album.

Robert Jordan's In Heaven demonstrates his increasing artistry and distinct voice in the music industry. This album is a must-listen for fans of dark, soulful rock with a hint of classical influence.

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