Lisa Humber Releases Stirring New Single "Dance Within"

Lisa Humber, a renowned folk musician, has released her second song of 2024, "Dance Within," which masterfully blends folk, folk-pop, and indie folk components. This release is part of a bigger quadriptych of new music, continuing Lisa's study of profound, significant themes in partnership with producer and guitarist Justin Abedin. Their collaborative cooperation, which began in the autumn of 2020, has helped shape Lisa's musical path, contributing to her debut EP The Space Between, and her most recent hit "The Devil's Advocate."

"Dance Within" explores the pursuit of authentic happiness in a world dominated by the often deceptive appeal of social media. "The song delves into the struggle between truth and fallacy, the pursuit of genuine answers, and the freedom of letting go," she says. "Among the constant stream of thoughts, it emphasizes embracing positivity with 'Feel good about feeling good' and investigates the true nature of happiness with 'Joy is often misunderstood.' 'Dance Within' inspires listeners to pursue true delight while resisting the pressures of comparison and perfection."

Lisa's work with long-time friend and creative collaborator Stephen O'Connell resulted in the visually stunning "Dance Within" music video. Stephen, a director, choreographer, and dancer, has admired Lisa's work with Justin. He drew inspiration for this endeavor from his personal and artistic experiences. The video stars dancer Sam Lore, who met Stephen a decade ago at Rutgers University. The movie shot at Highbridge in The Bronx and indoors at Stephen's aunt Hilda's Soho loft, is a tapestry of personal connections and artistic expression.

Lisa says, "Stephen credits Sam with the choreography, which brings the video to life." Stephen handled the drone shots, while Sam's actions brilliantly caught the heart of the music. 'Dance Within' is a celebration of teamwork, personal history, and artistic expression, and I'm excited for you to see it."

"Dance Within" is currently available across all major streaming platforms. This soulful melody encourages listeners to ponder on their path to true happiness and cherish the joy that comes from inside.

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