Jay Sprouse Releases Long-Awaited EP Featuring "Runaway"

Jay Sprouse announced the release of his long-awaited EP, which includes the standout single "Runaway." This compilation of songs recorded 15 years ago, is sure to capture listeners with real emotion and honest storytelling.

Despite having no professional musical training, Jay Sprouse chose to buy a guitar in May 2008 after being inspired by a Tom Petty film. During the 2008 housing crash, he moved to a tiny flat in Farmville, Virginia. With a guitar and harmonica, he spent 14-16 hours a day self-teaching music and enjoyed creating new melodies rather than playing current ones. After months of rehearsal, Jay was able to record four songs with his pals in the autumn of 2009. 

These songs were heard on a local Farmville radio station but were never officially released. Even after fifteen years, he still treasures these tunes, even though they are unrecognized.

Despite limited recording resources, Jay had always envisioned a full band sound. This idea became a reality in the autumn of 2009 when two outstanding musicians joined him in Austin, Texas. Over three days at The Bubble Recording Studio, they caught the soul of Jay's music, resulting in a genuinely amazing experience. Whitaker Elledge, Jay's longtime buddy, served as the EP's quiet hero, doing everything from producing to singing backing and assisting with song composition.

Now, 15 years later, Jay believes that these songs are too good to go unheard. The EP is now accessible on all major streaming platforms, with "Runaway" expected to strike a deep chord with listeners. This tune, like the rest of the EP, exemplifies Jay's distinct blend of folk and acoustic pop, providing a fresh perspective on the genre.

"Runaway" is more than a song; it represents Jay Sprouse's journey and perseverance. His attention to his craft and enthusiasm for music are evident in every note, making this album a must-listen for aficionados of passionate acoustic storytelling.

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