Yurmista's "Give It All" shines as a hidden musical gem in Cincinnati.

Yurmista, Cincinnati's secret musical gem, is making waves with the release of their new single, "Give It All." This single from Yurmista's self-titled debut album features a unique blend of Electronic, Folk/Acoustic, and Hip-hop/Rap genres, demonstrating the artist's versatile songwriting and producing abilities.

After years of unsuccessfully pitching their songs, Yurmista decided to take control of their musical destiny and release their works independently. The decision has paid off, as songs like "Give It," "Give It All," and "513" are now available on all major music platforms, attracting the attention of a growing internet following. 

"Why let good music go to waste?" Yurmista reflects. "Just because a few independent R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, EDM, Latin, and Country artists turned my stuff down, doesn't mean that I can't release it to the world myself and entertain somebody."

"Give It All" stands out as a passionate song about a lady in love who seeks reassurance that her feelings are reciprocated. Its infectious and uplifting character will undoubtedly appeal to listeners, making it an excellent introduction to Yurmista's music. The debut album "YURMISTA" features a fascinating combination of genres, with songs like "My September" and "Soy Una En Un Millon" demonstrating the artist's many musical inspirations.

Yurmista's music draws inspiration from a wide range of musicians and represents a life spent surrounded by songs. Yurmista's broad taste shapes their distinct style, which ranges from Brian McKnight and Boyz II Men's R&B to Miley Cyrus and Backstreet Boys' pop classics. "Music has always been a part of my life." "Great music always motivates me to write more songs," Yurmista says.

For a refreshing musical experience, listen to Yurmista's debut album and let songs like "Give It All" add to your playlist. According to Yurmista, "Check me and my self-titled debut album 'YURMISTA' out on all music platforms and catch a vibe." This young artist is definitely worth keeping an eye on in the coming months.

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