Tartan Army '24 releases the electrifying new anthem "We Are The Tartan Army"

In the tradition of unforgettable sports anthems, a gang of football-loving ravers have come together to offer Scotland's new rallying cry: "We Are The Tartan Army!". This dynamic track, inspired by a love of 90s/00s dance and techno, as well as a strong pride in the national squad, promises to energize Scottish football fans everywhere.

Tartan Army '24, the creative force behind this song, was inspired by the frenetic atmosphere of a Primal Scream concert, where the crowd's scream of "here we f*cking go" triggered an idea in band member Andrew. He realized Scotland's football team required an equally tremendous anthem.

Andrew worked with Guy Fforde, known for his prominent electronic music breakdowns on YouTube, to create a track inspired by Fat Boy Slim's signature style. With its catchy and instantly remembered vocal hooks, "We Are The Tartan Army" is ready to become a stadium chant, especially as Scotland prepares to face Germany in their opening Euros encounter on June 14th in Munich.

In addition to the main track, Tartan Army '24 will release a "German Acid Mix" that takes the dance components to new heights, as well as a unique remix dedicated to and approved by sports broadcasting great Shebahn Aherne. This remix, inspired by a late-night writing session turned radio listening break, reflects the duo's increased creative vigor after listening to Shebahn's TalkSport program.

This anthem, with its energetic beats and unifying message, is expected to serve as the soundtrack for Scotland's Euros trip.

Prepare to chant, dance, and support the squad with "We Are The Tartan Army!"

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