Mortal prophets uncover and revive the mystery of "Meine Liebe" EP

The Mortal Prophets' frontman, John Beckmann, has been on a fascinating journey through musical history after discovering a mysterious acetate record titled "Meine Liebe." This intriguing song, which combines melancholy German opera with European electronica and new-wave echoes, dates back to 1977. Despite intensive investigations and talks with German Electronica historians, the roots of "Meine Liebe" are unclear, which adds to its fascination.

Beckmann was inspired by the record's untamed beauty and decided to revive and reimagine this vanished artifact. In New York City, they collaborated with producer David Sisko on a creative quest to resuscitate "Meine Liebe," resulting in a striking new EP.

The "Meine Liebe" EP, comprises six distinct adaptations of the original single. These include a detailed reconstruction of the mono pressing, a modern stereo mix, and four more captivating versions that explore electronica and trip-hop. Each rendition provides a new take on the mysterious tune, combining historical intrigue with innovative soundscapes.

This project, recorded at MinMax Studio in New York and mastered by Tom Rogers in Los Angeles, highlights Beckmann's expressive vocals, lyrics, and artwork, as well as Sisko's instrumental prowess and production abilities. Their cooperation resurrects a forgotten piece of music, revealing music's immortal essence as the past and present merge in a symphony of limitless possibilities.

"Meine Liebe" hopes to attract listeners by mixing the intrigue of its enigmatic beginnings with Beckmann and Sisko's creative vision. The Mortal Prophets' latest project exemplifies their dedication to investigating and reconstructing the depths of alternative music history. Don't miss out on experiencing this one-of-a-kind blend of electro, electronic pop, synth pop, trip-hop, and disco.

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