Lauren Hulbert Unveils The Enchanting "Honeydew"

Lauren Hulbert, a Nashville-based artist, has released the mesmerizing single "Honeydew," a laid-back acoustic treasure from her 2020 EP Superbloom. Hulbert wrote "Honeydew" in 2010 while living in Ecuador, during a happy time in her relationship. Although the romance has now ended, the song depicts the exhilaration and idealism of love in its honeymoon period. According to Hulbert, "Honeydew" transcends any individual, capturing the universal delight of a loving partnership.

Hulbert's "Honeydew" is a relaxing folk-pop song that urges listeners to sway to its mellow rhythms. Her stripped-down acoustic style stands out, providing a welcome counterpoint to an industry that is frequently driven by mass appeal above quality.

The music video for "Honeydew" was co-directed by Hulbert and videographer Wren Huxley. It was shot in Sebastopol and shows Hulbert relaxing in a sunlit meadow, interacting with playful forest nymphs, and enjoying a significant moment with a toddler dressed as a bee. The fairytale-like narrative finishes in a peaceful lakeside rendezvous with her soulmate, capturing the song's whimsical and romantic character.

Lauren Hulbert, originally from Thousand Oaks, has been a prolific songwriter for more than 17 years. Her 2017 debut album, Beneath the Soil, introduced fans to her compelling stories and acoustic music. Hulbert's music continues to delve into the depths of human emotion, inspired by her hopes and concerns.

Hulbert is now working on the music video for her song "Demons" and mixing her most recent single, "Free to Dream," which promises to be her most ambitious production yet.

Experience Lauren Hulbert's wonderful universe with "Honeydew," a piece that brilliantly captures the enchantment of love and the simplicity of acoustic music.

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