Josh Gregg Releases New Single "Film Noir"

Josh Gregg, a Birmingham native, has released a new single, "Film Noir," on his imprint, Poles Apart. This is the second episode in his mission to capture the essence of club culture while blurring the barriers between electronic music sub-genres.

"Film Noir" is a one-of-a-kind blend of electronic, synth-pop, and 80s vibes, resulting in an upbeat club hit that defies standard electronic music conventions. Despite being the fastest track Gregg has ever released, "Film Noir" has a melodic development and emotional depth that resonates with listeners.

Poles Apart is Josh Gregg's ambitious solo project, which aims to explore several types of electronic music. With "Film Noir," Gregg demonstrates his ability to combine several influences, resulting in a sound that is both nostalgic and innovative. The track captures the frantic pulse of the club scene while venturing into uncharted musical territory.

Gregg's past works have already received attention in the electronic music field, and "Film Noir" looks to cement his status as a dynamic and forward-thinking musician. The tune exemplifies Gregg's love of music and determination to push the envelope.

Listeners may expect a captivating auditory experience from "Film Noir," a track that showcases Josh Gregg's range and ingenuity. Fans can expect a series of inventive and genre-defying compositions as he continues to produce music under the name Poles Apart, reflecting his passion for club culture and electronic music.

"Film Noir" is currently available across all major streaming platforms. Dive into Josh Gregg's captivating world and witness the growth of electronic music with his latest album.

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