Illyria Unveils Dark and Confronting New Album "Wanderlust"

The fourth full-length album by Australian metal band Illyria, "Wanderlust," is a striking testament to the band's prowess in extreme metal. Illyria, from Perth, Western Australia, has crafted an eight-track musical trip combining black metal, death metal, melodic metal, and metalcore elements. The album dives deeply into exile, isolation, and the unwavering human spirit.

"Wanderlust" lives up to its name, taking listeners through various extreme metal genres. The haunting sense of exile and solitude is present throughout the record, representing the band's experiences. "This album is quite remarkably the darkest and most confronting collection of music I have written," says Ilija Stajic, the primary songwriter. "Even the spacious and ambient sections have a grim undertone within."

"Wanderlust" is an emotional rollercoaster lasting just under 45 minutes. Piercing shrieks and thunderous growls are juxtaposed with soaring melodic harmonies, highlighting Illyria's trademark sound developed over the last decade. According to Stajic, several tracks have been in the works for nearly ten years before finding a place on this unified and impactful album.

Simone Pietroforte mixed and mastered the "Wanderlust" production, which is both majestic and destructive, with periods of melancholy that urge introspection. The album serves as a reality check for all listeners, challenging them to confront the dying modern society or fight for a new era of regeneration.

Metal fans should not miss "Wanderlust" by Illyria. It expertly blends black and death metal with metalcore and progressive rock, resulting in a distinct and fascinating experience. This album is a bold expression of the band's artistic vision, as well as an exciting contribution to the metal music world.

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