Icarus Phoenix Releases New Single, "High Tide"

Icarus Phoenix, Baltimore's dream pop and indie rock band, is prepared to capture fans with their new single "High Tide" off their upcoming album "I Should Have Known the Things You Never Said," which will be released on August 15th. Drew Danburry (guitar/vocals), Eli Sims (drums), Leena Rhodes (guitar/vocals/synth), and Brendan Russell (bass) established the band in Missoula, Montana in 2020. They have undergone several lineup changes, including a significant performance at the Treefort Music Fest in 2021.

Drew Danburry, the band's frontman, has been an independent music pioneer since 2002, releasing over 400 songs across 20 albums and 13 EPs and playing over 800 events worldwide. His passion and DIY approach has gained him a cult following, with appearances on Stereogum's notable records for their "Son" EP and a successful DIY tour in Japan and the United States in 2024.

Danburry wrote "High Tide" amid a difficult time following his divorce after 13 years of marriage. The song explores themes of self-worth and resilience, mirroring his journey of starting over in a new environment while dealing with sentiments of dehumanization and societal pressures. Danburry's expressive vocals and the band's characteristic shoegaze-influenced music provide a hauntingly lovely backdrop for this contemplative story.

The upcoming album, produced by Jed Jones and recorded at June Audio in Provo, Utah, contains contributions from longtime pals Jake Bellows (Neva Dinova), Justin Pacheco (bass), and Andrew Young (drums). Chaz Prymek (Lake Mary) and Rocky Cordray (Teleprom) added noise and atmosphere to the band's amazing 40 songs recorded in three days.

"High Tide" follows the release of their single "Painting (feat. Teleprom)" and exemplifies Icarus Phoenix's ability to combine introspective words with lush, melodic music. As the band prepares to release their fourth studio album, "High Tide" exemplifies their resilience and artistic progress, offering audiences an emotionally deep and sonically fascinating experience.

Check out "High Tide" on all major streaming platforms, and stay tuned for the entire album's release on August 15. Icarus Phoenix's journey through life's highs and lows is emotionally felt, making their music a moving soundtrack for listeners worldwide.

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