Friends Release Soulful Tribute 'African Train'

Max Pelissier's current musical work, 'African Train,' with the amazing Etsha Hope, is a sincere tribute to the West Indies' African traditions. This reggae, soul, and R&B fusion track demonstrates the Caribbean and African continents' strong cultural ties and common heritage.

Etsha Hope, a Cameroonian singer, contributes a powerful and emotional voice to 'African Train.' Etsha's performance is a highlight of the tune, having been introduced to it by Dave Gwadaman Kynner, a Guadeloupean artist working in Paris. Dave, the keyboardist, and conductor for legendary reggae performer Tiken Jah Fakoly, contributed important to the song's arrangement and keyboard passages.

'African Train' represents a hypothetical journey that connects the West Indies with Africa. Using Lingala and English lyrics broadens the song's appeal, intending to unite listeners across the African continent and beyond. This effort promotes musical fraternity between the Antilles and Africa, honoring their long-standing relationship.

Friends, Max Pelissier's musical idea, brings together musicians from various backgrounds. This group, which includes pros and amateurs, concentrates on the pure joy of musical collaboration. 'African Train' is their most recent official release, following prior hits in 2007, 2011, and 2017.

The song has already garnered excellent feedback from radio listeners, demonstrating its potential for widespread appeal. As 'African Train' makes its way over the airwaves, it promises to be a moving reminder of cultural connection and musical enthusiasm.

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