Cosmoliner's new single "New Frontier" soars into uncharted musical territory.

Cosmoliner, a Berlin-based musical duo announced the release of their latest single, "New Frontier." Cosmoliner, who combines 80s pop, rock elements, and modern electronic sounds, continues to push the boundaries of conventional pop music.

Cosmoliner, which consists of lifelong friends Julius and Alexander, has been making music together since infancy. Their broad musical background, influenced by classics such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, and The Doors, is evident in their work. Their sound is also evocative of the colorful 80s pop era, with influences from artists such as Nena and Falco.

Julius, the duo's virtuoso guitarist, plays multiple instruments including guitar, drums, bass, piano, and saxophone. His guitar approach is inspired by Mark Knopfler, Steve Lukather, Nile Rodgers, and Brian May. Alexander is in charge of bass, synthesizers, arrangements, and lyrics, and his influences include Queen, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and modern French electro-house and pop acts such as Air, Daft Punk, and Justice.

After their indie-rock band 'Ask Eric disbanded, Alexander turned to electronic music, collaborating with Julius and session singer Gianna to balance electronic and pop norms. This combination resulted in a distinct sound, characterized by a sci-fi idea and animated visuals that set them apart from their predecessors.

"New Frontier" establishes the tone for Cosmoliner's new album, similar to an airliner's pre-flight instructions. The track's peaceful, trippy lyrics are underpinned by loop-based bass rhythms, which provide a solid foundation. This tune illustrates Cosmoliner's ability to combine great instrumental hooks with intricate, layered compositions, making it unique in today's music landscape.

Alongside "New Frontier," Cosmoliner will release "Beat The Machine," a whimsical tribute to Daft Punk that features Julius' funky licks mixed into a vivid plastic-pop song with an unexpected second half. The binary code on the single's cover, which spells "Beat The Machine" in ASCII, gives a smart digital twist to the human vs machine concept.

"The 'Cosmoliner' is the shuttle of Captain Future's starship Comet from the 1980s cartoon series. That's where the name came from, and it fits right into our space concept," the team explains.

"New Frontier" is now available on all major streaming platforms, bringing listeners on a musical journey that tests the boundaries of genre and originality.

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