Broken Composers Release "Solid Revolver" - A Multimedia Sensation

Broken Composers, an inventive multimedia duo from Bali, Indonesia, has published their latest project, "Solid Revolver," a pioneering mix of contemporary and experimental electronic music. This installation personifies their mission: "To preserve your uniqueness and freedom of movement, or to give up individuality and become a part of an ordered structure - everyone will decide for themselves."

"Solid Revolver" combines architecture, light, costume, performance, and music to create a single, immersive experience. Audience members are placed in the center of a 20-meter cylinder encircled by a revolving cloud of light, which challenges their perceptions and stimulates reflection on individuality versus uniformity. Each participant transforms into a moving particle, simulating the dynamics inside a collider's magnetic trap.

Broken Composers has been pushing creative limits since their inception at the 2017 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Their early works combined field recordings and abstract sounds, eventually evolving into their current distinct style, which incorporates DIY instruments, sophisticated compositions, and intriguing visual aspects such as light refractions through prisms.

Their most recent work, "Solid Revolver," follows this tendency, encouraging viewers to reconsider their relationship with art. The upcoming release of the music video will allow a larger audience to witness 'Broken Composers' unique blend of mediums. As they become known for their distinct artistic approach, the team is committed to exploring new means of expression and breaking conventional standards.

Experience "Solid Revolver" and journey into the future of multimedia art with Broken Composers.

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